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      Founding Father / Dean of Students

      Demetrius Harmon
      is a singular and pioneering voice in mental health advocacy. Through his struggles with suicide and depression in his life, he has learned to channel his experiences to affect social change, to provide visibility for those dealing with mental illness and using his platform to uplift others. Realizing that through his visible vulnerability, strength would be given to someone else to do the same. Over the course of 7 years, Demetrius has created comedy skits with poignant messages, lead public speaking events across the United States, developed a successful apparel brand, and constructed unity events to create a safe space without judgement and bring his community together.

      Demetrius started posting YouTube videos during his transition from Middle School to High School as an outlet to cope with the life change. With pure intentions of communicating the thoughts in his head to likeminded people, he began to garner a following. His channel audience grew through Demetrius’ viral comedic skits, which he began posting to spread positivity and smiles. But Demetrius isn’t a one trick pony. In 2018, he was chosen to give the Commencement Address at Edsel Ford High School for his outstanding impact on today’s youth. The speech, posted to Demetrius’ YouTube channel, went viral, inspiring audiences far beyond those attending the event of the dangers of comparing oneself to others, the importance of giving and receiving support, and the impact of trusting your heart and following your dreams. Since then he has spread his message across the country, speaking at schools including Michigan State University, Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Michigan, University of  Washington, University of Connecticut, and Georgetown University.

      The root of Demetrius’ purpose is to spread love and normalize the complexities of the human experience.